Tela, Honduras

Tela Diving AdZENture

May 1-6 || 10 Spots Available

Hosted by: Juli Berwald

Retreat Organizer: Lindsey Conroy

Experience the Magic of Tela

You’re invited to immerse yourself in the magic of the town of Tela, Honduras. In addition to the unique and rich history, colorful culture, and welcoming locals, we invite you to explore the mesmerizing and pristine coral reef. Coral reefs in the Caribbean are suffering from disease and climate change. But this particular reef seems immune to disease while boasting exceptional health and beauty.


In order to let the world know about the rare reefs in Tela, conservationist, Antal Börcsök, and his wife, Alejandra Thompson have established a Marine Protected Area and built the only public aquarium in Central America, called TelaMarine. The aquarium is a hedge against harm to the reef: if people don’t know it’s there, they won’t protect it. The aquarium is also free to the public following a short video on the importance of coral reefs. In addition, Tela is home to Lancetilla Botanical Garden, established in 1925 and home to the most important botanical collection in Latin America. This trip will include diving on the exceptional reefs, as well as visits to both the aquarium and the gardens.


A portion of your retreat costs will go directly to preserve and protect this special place, the coral reef and its surroundings.

Celebrating 500 Years!!

We have a special opportunity with this retreat. Our trip to Tela will overlap with the 500th anniversary of Tela on May 3, 2024. The town will be overflowing with festivities, dances, and markets. Juli was in town for the 499th anniversary, and if it’s any indication of the celebration, we’re in for a great treat.

Our Enchanting Locations…

Our AdZENture offers two amazing accommodations during our week in Tela. We start the week off in a beautiful, boutique hotel in the heart of Tela, minutes from the beach. The last two nights will be spent at an extraordinary property in the Jeanette Kawas National Park on the West side of Tela bay. This area is a massive mangrove forest home to 330 species of birds. The hotel includes unique fruit trees, an organic farm, and hiking trails into the park.

Meet Your Passionate Host

Juli Berwald, Ph.D.

Juli Berwald, Ph.D., is an ocean scientist and science writer. After falling off the academic path, she traveled the world studying jellyfish and coral reefs for her books Spineless: The Science of Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone, and Life on the Rocks: Building a Future for Coral Reefs, which was a finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize. Her writing has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Science, Nature, and Texas Monthly.
Following the publication of her book about coral, Antal Borcsok, the co-manager or the Marine Protected Area in Tela, Honduras reached out to her and said, “Come see my reef; it’s stunning.” Juli was skeptical because coral reefs in the Caribbean are suffering from disease and climate change. But when she visited she was blown away by the reef’s unique beauty and exceptional health. She also discovered in the town of Tela a fascinating, rich history and welcoming, vibrant community.
During Juli’s last visit to Tela, the equivalent of the EPA of Honduras and the town of Tela named her Embajadora de los Arrecifes, or Ambassador to the Reef. In response, Juli has helped establish a 501c3 in the US called Amigos de los Corales de Tela, or Friends of Tela’s Corals. This trip includes a donation to the non-profit, which will be used to fund critical science to understand why the coral are so healthy and new exhibits at the aquarium. Juli has written and spoken about this special bay, and is so thrilled to share its resilient magic with everyone on this trip.

Details of Our AdZENture


5 nights accommodation in two unique, AMAZING properties

*Airport and AdZENture transportation

All meals and snacks from welcome dinner to farewell breakfast

$250 Donation to protect Tela’s exceptional coral reefs

Wine and local beers at dinner

Daily yoga and mats (optional)

500 Anniversary Party in Tela

3 Diving Excursions

TelaMarine Aquarium Tour

Botanical Garden Experience

Jeanette Hawas National Park Excursion

Boat cruise through the Mangroves

Punta Sal Island Tour

AdZENtures Kit

Equipment, taxes & fees


Flights to/from San Pedro Sula (SAP) Airport

Travel insurance

Personal purchases

Alcohol, other than what’s provided at meals

Additional excursions/dives

Additional gratuity for your hosts, guides, instructor

Investment per person:

$2500 for a shared room

$3000 for a private room

To book our Tela Diving AdZENture, we require a $750 non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit.

($750 non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit is included in the listed price above)

Payment plans and options available!

Our Tela Boutique by the Beach

This unique tree house boutique hotel in Tela is situated on it’s own little vista making it the perfect place for rooftop yoga with views of the city and sea. We have an onsite pool and great restaurant where we will enjoy meals with a view before heading out for our daily AdZENtures.

Our Magical Mangrove Property

The mission of this property is the conservation, protection, and restoration of natural and cultural resources in the area.

From the initial conception of this unique property, the owners/visionaries designated approximately 50% of the land for a wildlife sanctuary. Since then a great variety of birds, olingo monkeys, iguanas, and many other types of wildlife have repopulated this wooded reserve.

In addition, they have planted approximately 2,000 ornamental plants, 350 fruit trees, 400 coconut trees, 350 cacao trees, 500 plantain, and 1,000 hardwood and lumber trees. Slowly, they are increasing the habitat for more wildlife and converting the once cow pasture and deforested land onto luscious green, shaded areas.

At this property they promote the coexistence of humans and nature. These unique and natural settings allow guests to experience wildlife, natural attractions, and indigenous culture with the minimum intrusion in their habitats.

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