Bachelorette Yoga Austin

Searching for the perfect activity for your celebration? Add Bachelorette Yoga in Austin to the top of your list! Our unique outdoor yoga experiences are fun, lighthearted and a great way to kick off the bachelorette festivities!  

Outdoor yoga is one of the best things to do in Austin for a bachelorette party because it can also bring a sense of unity and bonding among the members of your bridal party. Our experiences are fun, accessible, and suitable for all levels, so everyone can participate and enjoy the experience! After the class, you can continue your austin bachelorette activities, have a mimosa or breakfast taco and take advantage of the great photo opportunities these experiences create!

Join Us at VUKA

Celebrate the bride-to-be in a fun and uplifting atmosphere. You can book a public experience or reserve a private class for more customization based on your group’s taste. Get your bodies moving, try something new and celebrate with us!

*Must be 21+ with a valid ID to consume alcohol.

 – 1 hour of outdoor yoga in our beautiful space
– *2 complimentary mimosas per person
– Professional/Fun instructors
– Beautiful setting perfect for photos
– Mats Provided
– Beginner friendly!

Inquire about additional customizations or gift options!

We’ll Come to You

We’ll come to you! Our instructors are happy to celebrate with you at your preferred location. Need help choosing the perfect spot? No problem, we have a few amazing locations picked out all throughout ATX, just ask!

– 1 hour of yoga at your preferred location
(will travel within 25 miles of ATX)
– Professional/fun instructors
– Music & mats provided
– Customizations available
– Beginner friendly!

Have a fun idea for your bachelorette party? Yoga & SUP? Breakfast Tacos, Tarot Readings, Massage…let us know what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen!


Wedding Day Yoga

Wedding’s can be stressful…to say the least. But they are also a day you want to remember forever, so being mentally present and relaxed is key to optimizing your big day! Simple breathing techniques and some mindful movement make yoga the perfect wedding-prep experience!

Wedding Day Yoga involves breathing techniques and mindful movements to calm the mind and prepare for the wedding festivities. Our experiences are not so serious, so it’s also a way for everyone to relax and have some fun while creating another fun wedding day memory – and it makes for a GREAT photo opportunity! 

Stress-free Wedding Day


-1 hour of yoga at your preferred location

-Travel within 25 miles of ATX ($50 fee)

-Music & mats provide

-Customizations available

-Complimentary Mimosas optional

-Beginner friendly!

Adventure Honeymoon

Part of the authentic culture of Slovenia is tasting the amazing wine

Adventure. Nature. Culture. Luxury!

Are you and your partner searching for an unforgettable honeymoon experience? Embrace the opportunity to visit unique destinations, immerse yourselves in diverse cultures, and step outside your comfort zone with a luxury, adventure retreat for two! 

With our off-the-beaten-path retreats, you can choose from a range of U.S.-based and international locations. Whether you prefer rugged or luxurious, all-inclusive or budget-friendly, we have something for everyone. Make your honeymoon as memorable as your wedding day by joining us on a luxury adventure you’ll never forget!

Wellness incorporated into Luxury Adventure Retreats
A little slice of heaven on our luxury adventure retreat in Yosemite

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