What is an AdZENturer?

Meet our team of AdZENturers! We are a group of like-minded individuals who all have a passion for authentic and fun experiences. We live life with passion and curiosity and have a need for exploration, adventure and learning. We aim for unique experiences with genuine humans and those are the moments that define our world and who we are!

We live to explore the world around us and find intrigue in what is different, unknown, and even scary…because we know that we are on a journey to observe, to learn, and to interpret, in order to become more educated, more understanding and more appreciative of this wonderful world and the humans and creatures that cross our paths and fill our lives.

Keywords to describe an AdZENturer: traveler, explorer, lover of life, lover, friend, enthusiast (of any kind), story teller, genuine soul, yogi, foodie, loyalist, adventurer, creator, supporter, encourager…the list goes on and on…

Meet our Team of AdZENturers


Meet our team of AdZENturers!
Meet our team of AdZENturers!

Our Founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer), Lindsey Conroy,

Lindsey is an avid traveler and has designed a life that is centered around  movement, travel, unique experiences and social interactions…and yoga. She has been practicing yoga for the past 13 years and after a few years of practice, decided she wanted to learn more while having no intention to teach…that changed very quickly. She received her teaching certification in 2011 and has loved the path that yoga has taken her down since diving deeper into the lifestyle and practice. 

After 6 years in the corporate world, gaining experience in Marketing and Business Management, Lindsey decided to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and focusing on her passions. In 2014 she left the corporate world to focus on yoga full-time. In deciding to do so, she spent the next 11 months traveling around the world to teach and study yoga. During this time she discovered her passion for outdoor yoga as well as the main location for our international AdZENtures Retreats – Slovenia. 

In 2016 she landed in Austin where she officially began the creation of our Yoga Experience Company, AdZENtures. Lindsey currently spends half the year in the U.S. and half the year abroad leading international Experiential Retreats on behalf of our team, primarily in Slovenia. 

She is very passionate about travel, adventure, nature and yoga; by leading these AdZENtures she is truly living her passion. She also loves her dog, friends and family 🙂

As CAO (Chief Adventure Officer), Jordan is in charge of designing most of our unique and memorable adventures. He has dedicated his life to travel, exploring new places, seeking out unpaved paths and finding those special experiences that are discoverable to those who are prepared to take risks.

Jordan is a professional skydiving instructor, deep sea fisherman and experience provider. He lives a life of adventure by pursing his passions of moutaineering, speed flying and base jumping. He is great at discovering rugged and awe-striking locations for our AdZENturers and creating unforgettable experiences that challenge your comfort zone! He loves to learn new things and has become quite the assistant brewer, fish smoker and chicken coop architect! A man of all trades and one we are so lucky to have on our team!

He wasn’t always into yoga but being married to our Founder and CEO, that was bound to change. He’s incorporated it into his wellness routine which has helped his body recover from all of the strenuous work he puts his body through for work and pleasure. Jordan adds that sense of adventure and challenge into all of our experiences and supports our guests to do the same!


Jordan CAO

Meet our Experiential Travel Leaders

Sebestyén, we call him Šebi, grew up in a kayak but later fell in love with a whitewater SUP. Šebi is an ISA certified SUP instructor and owner of the Bovec SUP company in Slovenia. Paddling has been his true passion since he was 9 years old. You will mostly find him playing on the waves of the Soča river.

AdZENtures has partnered with Šebi and Bovec SUP since the first year it was open! Lindsey and Šebi have been working together to bring awareness to both SUP and Yoga…so it works perfectly to have a program that combines both. You can join us for SUP Yoga classes in Bovec or for our first SUP and Yoga Camp in 2023!

Šebi Toth

Šebi, owner of Bovec SUP


Gioconda Parker

Gioconda Parker is a world-renowned yoga instuctor and has been guiding her students in the practice for nearly 20 years. She is a 500ERYT, she has completed her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology as well as the three year training program in Somatic Experiencing. Gia has traveled the world to study the practice as well as lead other practitioners in international retreats.

She teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Partnered Thai Massage, meditation and pranayama, the foundations of Ayurveda, and is well studied in the Yoga Sutras and other significant yogic texts. In addition, she has studied world religions, has been trained as a life coach, and completed a year-long energy healing course. She’s an eternal student, and has found that learning supports her continued passion for teaching and mentoring. She loves sharing what she knows, learning what her students know, and having the opportunity to invest in her students with the same loving care her teachers invested in her.

Besides yoga, Gia loves movement, travel, hiking and the outdoors. Her love of travel and yoga was a natural fit, and she enjoys leading yoga retreats around the world – come join her for her first retreat in Slovenia! We are so happy to have her join our team of AdZENturers!

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