Bellingham, WA

Wellness Experiences & Outdoor Adventures

We are so excited to offer new and exciting experiences in the PNW! We have partnered with an amazing wellness instructor to provide opportunities for guests to get outside, move their bodies and see the beauty of Bellingham and the surrounding area through a lens of wellness and community!

All are welcome. No prior experience is necessary!

Outdoor Adventure & Wellness Retreats

Sea to Summit Retreats

Just as it says in the name, we will spend half of the week on the water, exploring the San Juan Islands off the coast of Bellingham. From there, we will venture into the mountains to enjoy the lovely trails, glacier hikes and majesty of the Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest Area. Join us for a week of sea kayaking, hiking, daily yoga and wellness practices and delicious local food!

August 13-18 with Gioconda Parker

10 spaces available each weekend! 

Meet your guides!

Lindsey & Jordan, Owner & Lead Guides for AdZENtures

Lindsey and Jordan have been leading AdZENtures together since 2018. Lindsey founded the company in 2016 and has a passion for travel, sharing her favorite parts of the world with others and leading intuitive wellness practices to all levels of practitioners. Jordan is an adventure-seeker who has also spent most of his adult life traveling the world and loves to create unique experiences for our guests that are truly memorable and empowering.

Together, Lindsey and Jordan create AdZENtures that invite people to step out of their comfort zone and experience new and exciting parts of the world and provide insight into new cultures and adventures.

Having spent many years living and working in the PNW, this area holds a special place for these two…and they are so excited to invite and welcome you to share their passion for the beauty and adventure that is in store here! Join us in the PNW for many more unforgettable AdZENtures!

Gioconda Parker, Retreat Host

Gioconda has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 19. After her 5th yoga class, she knew she wanted to become a yoga teacher. Her teacher training was a 5-year internship-style program. She spent hundreds of hours with her teacher, as his student, assistant and helper. She spent an additional 10 years under the guidance of a spiritual teacher, from whom she learned meditation, self-inquiry, the heart of devotion and relentless self inquiry. In 2013, she completed her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and in 2014, she completed the three year training program in Somatic Experiencing and became an SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) in June of 2016.

Gioconda teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Partnered Thai Massage, meditation and pranayama, the foundations of Ayurveda, am she is well studied in the Yoga Sutras and other significant yogic texts.

Gioconda is in love with movement, travel and the outdoors. Her love of travel and yoga led her to lead many international and domestic yoga retreats, all around the world! Join Gioconda on exciting new AdZENtures in the United States and abroad!

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