Tela, Honduras

Book Your Tela Diving AdZENture!


A few things about the itinerary… by design, AdZENtures chooses NOT TO SHARE the minute details of our retreats. This is intentional and we have a good reason…3 to be exact…

Reason 1: Most of our experiences are weather dependent, as they mostly take place outside, so this allows us to be flexible with our days and the activities that fill each day.

Reason 2: Most people are constantly required to maintain a schedule…it provides structure and organization and ensures that nothing is missed – on your retreat…this is OUR job! YOUR job is to relax, let go and allow yourself to enjoy each and every moment by being present.

Reason 3: Most people have a ‘highlight’ that they are looking forward to on a holiday/AdZENture…if you’re so excited for the adventure on day 4…you might not be able to fully enjoy the adventures and experiences on days 1, 2 and 3! We’ve found, that this really helps guests fully enjoy each and every day!

How it works…logistically

On your confirmation page (which you have access to once you’ve confirmed your reservation and submitted your deposit) you will receive pertinent information regarding your AdZENture.

You will receive a packing list with required and suggested items for all of our adventures. You will also receive an AdZENture Kit with other useful items!

You will be required to fill out a Guest Information Form so we are able to further customize your AdZENture…with questions like dietary restrictions, what you’re most excited about, special requests, etc.

On the AdZENture, you will receive a debrief each night at dinner with the plan for the following day. We will disclose the adventures, the required gear and dress as well as answer ANY and ALL questions you might have!

We will ensure you are prepared and fully equipped to have the BEST experiences throughout the course of your AdZENture!

Room Occupancy


Select this option to reserve a shared room with one other person on our Tela Diving AdZENture in Honduras. When selecting a shared room, you will have the option to select your roommate if you’re traveling with someone.

Price is per person.


Select this option to reserve a private room for 1 person on our Tela Diving AdZENture in Honduras.

Price is per person.

I’m in, let’s book!

To reserve your spot on our Tela Diving AdZENture, we require a

$750 non-refundable deposit for each guest.

($750 non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit is included in the listed price above)

Payment plans and options available!


Options to pay by ACH secure bank transfer or with credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card, there is a 3% fee added to the total. Select your preferred option below and proceed to payment.

Please note that AdZENtures is categorized as a ‘TRAVEL’ company, so if you do make a payment with a credit card that issues points for travel purchases, you will receive those points for this purchase! 

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