Congratulations & Welcome

Congratulations! Your AdZENture in Big Sky Country is confirmed!

We are so excited to have you join us in Montana for an adventurous retreat in Big Sky Country!

Your reservation is confirmed for a week of nature, culture and yoga in breathtaking locations throughout Montana.

Over the next several months, leading up to your AdZENture, you’ll receive pertinent information regarding your holiday via email, but that information can also be found here. So be sure to add this page to your Favorites so you don’t miss a thing!

AdZENture in Big Sky Country

with Lindsey & Jordan

August 30-September 4, 2025

Important Dates

Mark your calendars…

$750 deposit due: DONE!

2nd payment due: March 1, 2025

(2nd payment can be 50% or 100% of the remaining balance)

Final payment due: June 30, 2025

AdZENture Pick-Up: August 30, 2025 at 3pm local time

Important Info

Things to Do:

Complete the online waiver here

Fill out the AdZENture in Big Sky Country Guest Form here

Purchase your travel insurance (here is one option)

Set price alerts for various airlines to find the best fare

Flight Info

Pick-up and Drop-off will be at Bozeman International Airport

(Airport code: BZN)

Pick-up: August 30 @ 3pm local time

Drop-off: September 4 @ 12pm local time

NOTE: If you choose to fly in early or stay a few days after the retreat, it is your responsibility to find your own transportation to and from the airport or the resort. 

IMPORTANT: If you arrive to Bozeman International Airport later than the designated pick-up time, you will be responsible for your own transportation to our first stay and the associated costs. If you do need a private transfer, let us know and we can coordinate that booking for you! 

AdZENtures Travel Guide

Attached is a detailed Travel Guide for your upcoming AdZENture!

Please click the link below, read through the document and let us know if you have any questions! We are so excited to have you join us for some magic on your AdZENture in Big Sky Country!

AdZENture Travel Guide

Consignment Stores Near You

If you are looking for AdZENtures gear and are interested in shopping second-hand (great for the environment and your wallet) we’ve found a great store that offers nationwide consignment shops in various locations around the U.S. Click the link here and select your state to see what second-hand stores are recommended!

Common Inquiries

Where do I fly into?

The following airport transfers are included in the price of the retreat:

For ARRIVAL – We will have the following shuttle schedule on August 30:

  • Shuttle departs Bozeman International Airport @ 3pm

For DEPARTURE – We will have the following shuttle schedule on September 4:

  • Shuttle arrives to Bozeman International Airport @ 12pm
  • Additional drop off in Bozeman is an option for no additional cost for guests who choose to stay later

If your travel schedule does not align with these times, we will be able to book you a private shuttle to/from the airport for an additional cost (estimated $75-100USD one way).


Your AdZENture in Big Sky Country includes all meals, those prepared at our mountain cabin as well as meals out at restaurants. You will be asked to provide any special dietary restrictions before the start of your retreat so we are able to accommodate your requests.

We ARE able to accommodate any dietary restrictions on this AdZENture as long as it’s noted on the Guest Form, however, please note that vegan options will be very limited.

Please note: if you choose to select a specific diet, special meals will be prepared just for you and that is what you will be served. Changes may not be possible on short notice. 

Example: “I don’t eat seafood” means that our chef will design a special, non-seafood dish just for you when the rest of the guests will receive a seafood meal. You will not be able to ‘try’ the seafood dish as these meals are made to order specifically for each guest. Thank you for your understanding. 


As a company policy, we do not share an itinerary with our guests.  This is done with intention and for a reason. Our guests are often planning every aspect of their lives and others’…during our AdZENtures, we give guests the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the present moment.

Every night at dinner, we will disclose the following day’s activities, what to pack, what to wear and when we will depart. This allows guests to be prepared but also immerse themselves in the present.

If this sounds unbearable, this might not be the best trip for you. Note: most of our AdZENturers who had a tough time with this in the beginning, end up loving the element of surprise in the end!


We have several accommodation options for this AdZENture:

We have two private rooms available and a variety of room configurations. Please see our reservations page for details and pricing options.

*If you are traveling alone and would like to book a shared room, we will pair your with other solo travelers

What can I expect for this AdZENture?

This AdZENture in Big Sky Country is full of unique experiences and rugged adventures. We will spend our mornings enjoying a slow start with delicious, local foods for breakfast and an all-levels, optional yoga practice. Our days will include a variety of adventures set in nature. All activities are available to everyone, at any fitness level and no prior experience or knowledge is necessary to participate in what we have planned.

We will have a bit of time in the car to reach our desired destinations, if you have an issue with spending more than 1 hour in the car at a time, please let your hosts know right away as this may not be the AdZENture for you!

Can I opt out of an experience?

EVERY single experience is optional. AdZENtures chose the experiences on this retreat based on firsthand experience and the unique value each holds for guests. Guests are able to ‘choose your own AdZENture’ by opting out of any experience.

What can I add to my AdZENture?

If you’d like to add an experience to your week in Montana, you’re welcome to do that! Let you hosts know in advance so we can coordinate that experience for you!

  • Massage
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Mountain Biking
  • A Night Out
  • Something else in mind? Let us know and we’ll take care of the logistics!
What should I pack?

After you submit your deposits, guests will receive a welcome email containing a detailed AdZENture Travel Guide specific for this AdZENture. It will contain all the necessary travel information and common questions that guests have about this AdZENture. You will also receive a very detailed packing list in your AdZENtures Travel Guide.

Is alcohol permitted?

Yes, we will provide a few local brews and wine that can be enjoyed with dinners at the cabin. If guests choose to buy their own or more alcohol throughout their AdZENture, they are welcome to do so. We have a few meals out of the cabin, meals will be covered, alcohol will be available for purchase at an additional cost to guests.

Guests are required to be respectful to all other guests, hosts and staff at all times and are expected asked to be mindful of their personal alcohol consumption.

Travel Insurance

As all of our AdZENtures are quite active, we do require insurance for all guests. Insurance is required not only in the case of a medical emergency but it’s also a good idea to include travel insurance in the case of emergency or conflicts preventing you from joining our AdZENture after you book.

If guests are unable to join the retreat, travel insurance will often issue a refund when purchased within 7 days of the original purchase. We advise that all guests book travel insurance within a week of submitting your deposit for your AdZENture in order to protect your investment!

Medical coverage is required.  Travel insurance is not required, it’s suggested. Travel insurance often includes air transport in the case of an emergency. Please ask us if you have questions about this and your AdZENtures team can give you some suggestions!

See you SOON!!

Thank you so much for choosing to take this AdZENture with us! We are truly looking forward to spending a week with you in this magical place. If you should ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your AdZENtures Team, at the information below.


Your Hosts for the AdZENtures in Montana!


Whatsapp: +386 30 645 291

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Please note: when attending an AdZENture, we will often ask you not to add specific geotags to your posts as we try to keep our secluded, magical spots from being exploited! So please feel free to tag your location as AdZENtures when we ask you to keep those secret spots anonymous! Thank you for keeping our spots special!